Where does one start? That the home is located in one of Palm Springs most beautiful and historic neighborhoods? That its walking distance to bars and restaurants and museums and shopping? Or that the pool is truly on a level with any resort? This is hands down one of the greatest vacation homes I have ever had the pleasure to stay in.

For a party of 10 there could not have been a more perfect home. Each room is large and each room has its own full bathroom with large flat screen TV, so if people need to get away from the group, you have your own space to relax. And the rooms are super quiet and the bedding like sleeping on a cloud. I’ve read the other review that complained that there weren’t enough places to sit inside (one very comfy long couch, a table with 10 chairs, and two more soft leather chairs near fire place) , but when you spend 90% of your time outside at the pool, who cares? Could it have used a couple extra bar stools? Sure. But when you have endless lounge chairs, recliners on the pools Baja Shelf and a fire pit lined with padded seats, you are pretty much covered. By Parker G. – Vrbo